Ways to View and analyze Facebook ad account’s performance

Ways to View and analyze Facebook ad account’s performance
This article details steps that can only be completed on a desktop computer.

In Account Overview in Ads Manager, you can see how your entire ad account is performing and gain insights for future campaigns.

Use Account Overview to see a summary of how all your campaigns are performing and learn demographic information about people viewing your campaigns. The overview section is designed to give you a holistic view of your ad account’s performance. Account Overview allows you to:

  • Use charts to analyze the performance of your ads over time and analyze trends. For example, you can select Link Clicks and see if people clicked on your ads more during a specific time of the year.
  • Use the audience data to refine your targeting. For example, let’s say you’re targeting a broad audience throughout the entire U.S. When you take a look at the map visualization, you notice that more people are viewing your ads in a specific DMA or region. To get better results, you could run a campaign to people in these regions and see more people convert or click on the ad. Note: Avoid selecting a target audience that is too narrow. Narrow targeting can negatively impact your results.

To see how each creative unit is performing, you can navigate to creative Reporting from Account Overview.

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