The Facebook Marketplace for Business

The Facebook Marketplace for Business
This feature is gradually being introduced and may not be available to you right now.

People use Marketplace to discover, buy and sell items and chat over Messenger. While individual people can list items for sale, businesses can use Marketplace to:

  • Show a lot of inventory for retail items, home rentals, and vehicles and event tickets by working with a Marketplace listing partner (see the links below).
  • Advertise your store or item on the marketplace to reach more people, even if your business doesn’t post directly on Marketplace.
  • Display new or refurbished items from your Facebook page shop on Marketplace for free and let customers purchase without leaving Facebook (limited to eligible merchants).

All listings on Marketplace must comply with Facebook Commerce Policies (which list what you can sell on Facebook) and Community Standards (such as images and descriptions).

Meanwhile, check how you can set your page below

If you are an admin of the root Page, you can add new market Pages to the Global Pages structure by:

  1. Go to the Global Pages tab in Page Settings, then click Add a Page.
  2. Select the desired Page from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Add Page.

The name of the Page will change to match the name of the other Pages in the structure. The Page category will change to match the Page category of all the other Pages in the structure. Keep in mind, you’ll also need to be an admin of the market Page you want to add.

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