See the 5 Hacks to beat Facebook’s new algorithm in the quest of Fan’s engagement

See the 5 Hacks to beat Facebook’s new algorithm in the quest of Fan’s engagement

Over the past years and especially 2017, Facebook has been constantly changing the way business pages are exposed to their fans. The situation is now very clear, if a small business doesn’t take the right angle, it will have a reach trending toward zero. Fortunately, there are small hacks that will help them to go against Facebook’s new algorithm and even benefit from it.

Here are 5 hacks that you will have to follow:

Take advantage of User Generated Content: UGC helps businesses have a constant flow of relevant engaging content to share. It is very popular among the fans and will help you to reduce your costs of content creation. Facebook’s algorithm pays close attention to what it considers to be affinity, which means that it looks at the connection you have with your fans. If you have them liking, commenting, and even better sharing more content, you are winning the battle and fan will see more of your future content.

Share Facebook-Exclusive Content: Try to make your Facebook fans feel special compare to your regular customer. In order to do so, create targeted sales and offer special discounts to your fans inside your page. Try to organize contests open only to your fans. Use your Email or other networks to redirect your fans to your page and have them participate in your actions.

Use custom audiences: Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool allows you to input a list of contacts and target those people with specific ads on Facebook. Use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, or mobile advertiser IDs that you already have to touch them directly on Facebook. It will organically increase Likes on your page, and to offer specific content to the audiences it’s most relevant for, while they’re on Facebook.

Don’t over-communicate: Something we thing the more the better but in Facebook this not the case. it’s also important that you don’t exceed the maximum of 5 daily publications otherwise Facebook could penalize your page. It could be a shame after working more than you are supposed.

Engage, Engage, Engage: If people decided to like your page it ultimately means that they do like you and expect something from you. Don’t be shy innovate, try, test, and analyze your results. Your fans want to be informed or entertain, You can do both!

Facebook is still and will remain the best way to approach your clients or future clients. It’s also the best way to market your business for its expansion. A coordinated strategic and small paid campaign can also bring you to the next level!
We are delighted to educate the general public on some certain information that could help and guide them in some situations concerning the Internet. So, we will appreciate, if you let us know if these tips were helpful to you or not. We are committed to helping improve the content we deliver and it is guided with whatever feedback we are given. Thank you!

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