Here is how you can limit who can see your past Facebook posts?

You can edit who can see past posts from you when you take a break from someone.
To limit which posts someone can see:
  1. Go to
  2. Select the person you’d like to see less of.
  3. Under Edit Who Can See Past Posts, choose the option that best fits your preferences.
Limiting posts
You can choose to keep all posts as they are, edit individual posts, or edit all your posts and posts you’re tagged in.
  • Keep all posts as they are: No posts will be changed. You’ll still see the person you want to see less of in your past posts.
  • Edit individual posts: Edit your posts one by one from your friendship page. You’ll be able to untag yourself in other people’s posts and change the privacy settings for your posts.
  • Edit all my posts and posts that I’m tagged in. Choosing to edit all posts will automatically:
    1. Change the privacy setting for any of your posts that the person you’re taking a break from is tagged in.
    2. Remove tags of you from any posts the person you’re taking a break from has tagged you in.
    3. Remove tags of you from all posts by other people that both you and the person you’re taking a break from being tagged in.
Keep in mind that if you choose to edit all posts and posts you’re tagged in, it may be difficult to find those posts in the future.
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