Facebook’s Audience Network

Facebook’s Audience Network

Audience Network extends Facebook’s people-based advertising beyond the Facebook platform. With Audience Network, publishers can make money by showing ads from Facebook advertisers in their apps.

To start monetizing, you need to add your details to Monetization Manager, a platform in Business Manager for tracking and managing your monetization with Audience Network.

Set Up Monetization Manager

If you’re first starting out, you need to set up Monetization Manager, a platform in Business Manager for tracking and managing your monetization with Audience Network. The setup will depend on whether or not you’re using mediation.

To set up a Monetization Manager, see our quick start guides that apply to your platform.

Quick start guides
  • Monetize your app
  • Monetize your Instant Articles
  • Monetize your instant games
  • Monetize your instant games with in-app purchases

Use Monetization Manager

If you’ve already used our quick start guides to set up, you can browse below to learn more about using the Monetization Manager.

Find out how to create new apps, create ad placements, as well as understand the different ad formats we offer. You can also find out about getting paid by Audience Network.

If you’re a developer looking for more technical help on how to integrate your SDK or test the ads, you can find them below too, or head over to Facebook for Developers’ site for more in-depth guidance.

Find technical guidance
  • Integrate the Audience Network SDK
  • Make sure you’re on the latest version of the SDK
  • Implement ads to your app
  • Test your ad implementation
  • Add Facebook to your ads.txt
Create new properties, platforms, Ad Spaces, and placements
  • Understand the hierarchy for creating and managing placements
  • Create a property to add a new app
  • Create an Ad Space to organize your placements
  • Create a placement to add a new ad to your app
  • Technical guidance to implement ads to your app
  • Troubleshoot Ad Spaces
  • Troubleshoot adding your app
  • Troubleshoot app reviews
Get paid by Audience Network
  • About Audience Network payments
  • Add your payment information
  • Submit a tax form
  • Add a financial admin to your payment account
  • Update payment account
  • View your payment statements and estimated payouts
  • default payment account and link properties
  • Set payment information as an individual developer
  • Troubleshoot payment information permissions
  • Troubleshoot delayed payments
  • Troubleshoot payment information updates
  • Troubleshoot differences between estimated and final revenue
Manage Business Manager permissions
  • Add your app to Business Manager to set it up with Monetization Manager
  • Give people access to your account
  • Assign task-based permissions
About ad formats on Audience Network
  • What are native ads?
  • AdChoices logo
  • Design guidelines for native ads
  • What are interstitial video ads?
  • Settings for autoplay interstitial videos
  • Create autoplay interstitial video placements
  • What is rewarded video?
  • Technical requirements
  • Create a rewarded video
  • Best practices for rewarded video

Grow your revenue

Maximize your earning potential with Audience Network by putting the right price settings in place, or app bidding, an impartial, open auction over ad inventories.

You can also learn more about how to grow your revenue in other ways by creating ads to promote your content to more people.

Manage price settings
  • Choose the best price settings
  • Optimize CPM targets
  • Set CPM targets for placements
  • Manage country groups for CPM targets
  • Use optimize for CPM targets tool
  • Maximize fill and revenue using the Sandwich Model
  • Accept any price
  • Troubleshoot low fill rates
  • How app bidding works
  • Types of Audience Network bidding integration
Block ads
  • Block ads from specific advertisers
  • Search and block ads seen in your apps
  • Block playable ads
Learn about your earning potential
  • About your earning potential
  • Tips for creating ads for growing audiences

Improve the ad experience on your app

As a publisher, you should provide a good ad experience for your users. This means both complying with our policies and creating opportunities to display ads effectively at the right moment. This is the best way to generate conversions, enhance your performance and increase the quality of clicks within your app.

Learn how to use our tools to monitor the quality of your ad experience in your app.

Monitor your ad experience
  • What is Quality Check
  • Monitor how well you’ve implemented your ads
  • Identify high level of accidental click areas in native ads
Improve your ad implementation
  • Improve your native placement implementation
  • Improve your interstitial placement implementation
  • Improve your rewarded video placement implementation
  • Improve your banner placement implementation
Avoid policy violations
  • Troubleshoot when your placement, Ad Space, or property is blocked
  • Appeal a blocked placement, Ad Space, or property
  • Learn more about our Facebook Audience Network Policy

Measure your performance

In Monetization Manager, you can view the performance of apps, Instant Articles, or Instant Games that you’re monetizing with Audience Network.

Analyze your performance by filtering by property, platform, country, and display formats. Each chart can be customized to show different metrics you care about, such as estimated revenue, eCPM, clicks, fill rate, ad requests, and more.

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