Facebook Marketplace 2022: Facebook Marketplace: The good, the bad, and ugly

Facebook Marketplace 2022: Facebook Marketplace: The good, the bad, and ugly

Facebook launched its very own marketplace in 2016 which allows people to browse items for sale locally. But what is it really like to buy and sell items on Facebook Marketplace?

For the past few months I’ve been selling some of my old stuff to make a little money to help while I’m at University and have come across quite a few different buyers… and not all of them good!

Of course, you have those gems who don’t haggle on price, respond politely, and turn up when arranged. These people make selling on any platform worthwhile. But unfortunately not everyone is like this, below are some of the examples of the ‘bad’ type of people I’ve dealt with when selling on Facebook Marketplace;

  • People who give you a low blow price offer – Although it’s always worth asking if you can get the item cheaper as a buyer, offering the seller a really low offer is not only cheeky but annoying if you’ve been messaging back and forth and then they come with a silly offer that is nowhere near the asking price.
  • People who arrive to collect without the correct amount of money – This simply baffles me, how can you not bring the right amount with you? Then it puts the seller in an awkward position of whether you give it to them for less or make more money from them or decline the sale.
  • Not being at home when the seller has kindly delivered – This not only wastes the sellers time but also petrol which just isn’t fair and simply unacceptable when we can communicate instantly.
  • People who are just damn rude – These people just make you not want to sell to them no matter how much you need the money. They tend to assume they can collect when they want or pay any price they want without confirmation from the seller.

I know what you’re thinking, this is a lot of negative points and I’m not going to lie it is but with the ability to review buyers and block individuals you do have a bit of control if you ever experience some of these situations.

If you are a seller or thinking of selling on Facebook Marketplace, I’d also advise you to never deliver or send items via post unless you are paid for petrol and/or paid a deposit. With bank transfer and PayPal, those who actually want the item should have no trouble or issues in doing this.

On one last note for sellers, go with your gut! If you don’t have a good vibe from someone interested in something you are selling, don’t sell to them – it is your item to sell, you have control over who you sell it to!

Even though there are quite a few negatives of using Facebook Marketplace I have had the most selling success on it compared to any other selling sites such as eBay.

Now I’ve talked a lot about being a seller on Facebook Marketplace but what is it like to buy using Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace makes buying very simple, with pre-set questions and the ability to message the seller at any time through Facebook Messenger. From my own personal experience, I can find the item I want to buy and pick it up within the same day.

One of the most annoying things I have found when buying on Facebook Marketplace is when you ask if an item is available, and the seller just reads the message (Facebook Messenger shows when someone has seen the message you sent) and doesn’t reply. As a seller myself I always reply to every message as it lets the person know the status of the item, and shows I’m serious about selling the item. This is why this does annoy me a little when they leave the message on read and actually puts me off buying from them. And with plenty of the same or similar items for sale, you really do have a lot of choices of who you actually buy from.

Do you use Facebook Marketplace? What is your experience with selling and/or buying using it?

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