Facebook following me – is it reality or fiction


Facebook following me – is it reality or fiction


The rumor going around right now’s that when you get to the “blocking” tab on Facebook and look for the caption “following me” a listing of undesirable and/or secret fans who are tracking your account may be found out. The truth is that it is just that: A RUMOR!

The claims that looking at lists of blocked customers for the phrase “following me” reveals a list of secret followers (or stalkers) is just the rebirth of an old hoax.

A round of posts making the “following me” declare first popped up on the 21st of September 2017. As of now, we aren’t clear as to in which the claim began, however there are many specific facets to it. At times, those posts declare that a friend or acquaintance used the “following me” trick to reveal dozens of unwarranted stalkers, that are typically from foreign countries.

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This is not the primary time this hoax has circulated either. earlier in January 2017, a one of a kind model falsely claimed that looking at blocked customers for “Facebook protection” discovered a listing of secret and unauthorized stalkers. again, that is not anything greater than a keyword search and doesn’t provide any measure of protection or reason for alarm.


And due to the fact cybersecurity is a large deal on Facebook, those fictitious claims may be very risky. Facebook gives a number of true security features as a way to help customers stay blanketed in opposition to unwanted fans.
An example is the ”blocking off choice”. Facebook permits you to block man or woman customers. once they’re blocked, customers can no longer see your posts, they’ll be unfriended (that is, in the event that they have been a chum within the first location and cannot ship you a chum request once more) and they received’t be capable of tag you to posts on their timeline or some other timeline. So, in essence, there’s no such issue as a secret follower or secret stalker.

And if you couldn’t discover a person who you need to block, you could look for the person’s e-mail address below the “blocking” phase of the settings tab. Any account related to that email will be blocked from following you. however, you ought to know that if you kind “following me” into Facebook, it may not monitor undesirable followers due to the fact its miles not anything greater than a key-word seek.

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