Create a Lead Generation Campaign for Messenger in Ads Manager


Create a Lead Generation Campaign for Messenger in Ads Manager

When you create a Lead Generation Campaign in Ads Manager, it allows you to ask specific questions to people who are interested in your business and continue the conversation with qualified leads directly in Messenger. You can do this by gathering customer preferences and create disqualifying questions to prioritize the most qualified leads.

To create a Lead Generation campaign

To create a Lead Generation in the Messenger campaign, you can gather leads using the Messages objective. To create a campaign:

  1. Go to Ad Creation within Ads Manager.
  2. Under Choose a Campaign Objective, choose the Message objective.
  3. Create a campaign name and budget, then click Next.
  4. Under Ad Type, select Click to Message.
  5. Under the Messaging Apps section, select Messenger.
  6. Edit your Audience, Placements, Budget, and Schedule and click Next.
  7. Under Message Template, select Generate Leads.
  8. Click + Create.

Create your automated chat

Create your Automated Chat by adding an Intro, Questions, Reminder, Completion Message, and Privacy Policy.

  1. Under the Intro field, add your introduction text.
  2. Under Questions, add your questions into the Question Text field.
  3. Under the Question Types drop-down, you can choose specific question topics under Pre-fill Questions or create your own topics under Custom Questions.
  4. If you choose Custom Questions, you can choose from two custom question types: Short Answer or Options.
    • Short Answer: an open forum where people will type in their answers.
    • Options: a form where you can personalize specific questions that will let people choose from multiple answers. An Answer Validation option will check answers that appear invalid and will prompt the question again.
  5. Under Reminder, add text in the text field that will be sent to people who haven’t finished all of your questions within 24 hours
  6. Under Completion Message, thank the person and add your message text in the text field.
  7. Under Privacy Policy, link your privacy policy in the Your Privacy Policy URL field.
  8. While creating, editing, or completing your Automated Chat flow, click on the Preview in Messenger button. This will open a Messenger thread where you can preview and experience the Automated Chat experience.
  9. Click Save and Finish when you’ve completed your ad.

Note: By clicking on the Advanced tab at the top of the Create Chat window, you can name and save your chat template, edit your Pause Questions option, or route your messages to your desired chat management provider (such as Page Inbox or a third-party app.)

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