Touching Love Quotes & SMS for a Lady


With sweet words that will produce a memory in their minds, learn to enjoy your sweethearts; memories are created to build a lasting smile than love itself. If you don’t know what to say or how to say it, don’t stress too much, this piece of heartfelt soul-touching messages will inspire you. You should express yourself with loved ones as well. In moments like these, when we all need to be emotionally cared for, here’s a fine set of touching love messages for her.

Touching Love Messages for Her

😘 Hello my love, from the very first day I set my eyes on you, you penetrated my heart, it’s a moment I will never cease to fantasize about because it has changed my whole life for good. I really do love you.

😘 Sweet, you gladden bliss and happiness I can’t imagine my heart without you.

😘 You are the light that shines out of the dark in a romantic dinner, my inspirational fireplace in cold nights. I cannot spend my life without you.

I can’t imagine my heart without you

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😘 Your beauty radiates my heart; you are indeed an angel with a smile so beautiful and so sweet that mesmerizes and melts me inside out. I adore you.

😘 Your tender touch is with me every time; it is synced to my skin, soft and as warm as the ray from the sun in summer. This reminds me of how dear you are to me. It’s unimaginable how sometimes I feel I need a spare heart to accommodate all the love I have for you, as it is too much for one heart alone to bear.

😘 I have never in my life been so happy when you are around me and close to me, whispering sweet words in my ears, that alone makes me feel so special and I appreciate every bit of it.

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😘 You are my one and only sweetheart, the heartfelt love I have for you no one can compare in this whole world, but you, I love you with everything that I am.

😘 I never thought I could find love again in this cruel world full of deceit and evil until I found you. You are indeed my most cherished and precious perfect jewel sent directly by God Himself, and I will cherish you forever that is my promise.

😘 You have decorated my heart like an interior decorator so sweet and beautiful of a sight to behold, which makes me smile when I imagine the looks Your unbearable love is all I will ever want. I will broadcast you to my friends, my colleagues, and everyone around me until the world knows what beauty that you have created within me that radiates inside out.

I will cherish you forever that is my promise.


😘 The songs in my heart I want to sing for you is waiting to be released, so better that no songwriter or music artist has ever imagined the lyrics neither has the sound mix can be imagined, I smile to the sound of the beat in my heart, baby can you hear it, can you taste it, because I want you to hear the beat of my heart just for you, my gigantic jewel. Thanks love for making me feel loved and for allowing me to find love with you.


We hope you enjoyed this series of “Touching Love Quotes & SMS for a Lady,” in the comment section, kindly add some suggestion of a touching girlfriend love message.

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