Google Ads: Fix a disapproved ad

Google Ads: Fix a disapproved ad

The steps to fix your ad vary depending on the type of policy violation impacting your ad. Your ad itself may not be compliant with specific Google Ads policies (for example, your ad is not compliant with our Editorial policy), or there may be issues with your destination (for example, your destination is not working, or your destination has content that’s not allowed). First, check which policy is affecting your ad, and then follow the applicable steps below.

If your ad is affected by policies not related to the destination, below are steps to fix the ad:

  1. Go to the “Ads and extensions” page and find the ad or extension you want to fix.
    Some policies apply to the ad’s destination. If your ad complies with the policy, check your destination to see if it’s causing the disapproval and make any necessary changes before proceeding.
  2. Hover over the ad or extension and click Edit.
  3. Edit the ad or extension so that it complies with the policy.
  4. Click Save. Your ad will be automatically reviewed again. Check the ad’s status in the “Ads and extensions” page for updates.

Appeal policy decision

If you believe we’ve made an error or have fixed your destination, you can appeal the policy decision directly from your Google Ads account. Start by clicking Ads and extensions on the left page menu. From here, there are two ways to appeal.

How to appeal policy decisions from the “Ads and extensions” table

How to appeal policy decisions from an ad’s “Status” column

Check appeal status

After appealing, you can always check on the review status in the Policy Manager.

  1. Click the tool icon in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Under “Setup,” click Policy Manager.
  3. On the “Appeal history” tab, you’ll find details for all ads you’ve appealed.
    • The “Status” column shows whether the appeal is still in progress or complete.
    • The “Results” column shows the results of the appeal, including how many ads had their policy approval status updated after the review.
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