Google Account: Change your primary domain for G Suite


Google Account: Change your primary domain for G Suite

If you want to change your name for an address that ends in, follow these steps.

If you get a new domain or rebrand your company, you might want to change the primary domain for your G Suite account. Then you can use the new domain for email addresses, Calendar invites, and Drive sharing.

Switching your primary domain is an involved process and isn’t available for all G Suite editions. You can also add the domain to your account. Learn about alternatives to switching your domain.


Changing the primary domain is not available for these types of accounts:

  • G Suite accounts in a free trial period. (If you signed up with the wrong domain, you can cancel your G Suite account during the free trial period.)
  • G Suite legacy free edition
  • G Suite accounts that included the purchase of your domain when you signed up for G Suite.
  • G Suite accounts purchased from Google Domains, Wix, Squarespace, or other website providers
  • G Suite resellers
Note: If you have G Suite for Nonprofits, Chrome Device Management licenses, or Chromebox for Meetings, contact G Suite support for your options and recommended steps.

Switch your primary domain

You add the new domain to the Admin console and set up email. Then, switch your new domain with your old primary domain.

Next, you update the email addresses of your users and groups (for example, to use your new primary domain.

You can make your old domain a domain alias. Your users and mailing groups get email at their old and new addresses. There’s no extra cost for a domain alias. Or, you can remove the old primary domain from your account.


Step 1: Prepare for the switch
Step 2: Add your new domain and set up email
Step 3: Switch to a new primary domain
Step 4: Switch users and groups to your new domain
Step 5: Update your G Suite settings
Use or remove the old primary domain
(Optional) Share instructions with your users
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