Bitmoji Like Facebook Avatar 2021

This trend of Facebook avatar has been for a while now and Facebook lunch its own new Bitmoji like Facebook avatar 2020. However, Facebook calls its own Facebook avatar and the feature enables users to create a look alike cartoonist emoji identity. More so, you can use the avatar as stickers while chatting and you can as well use it on the Facebook messenger too.

Therefore, the process to create a Facebook avatar is very simple and you can use it for smiley face icon on your Facebook news feed. Furthermore, this means you can use it in commenting or to choose message stickers. Also, you can use the Facebook avatar app for your Facebook profile picture.

There are eighteen steps for you to use in other to create your Facebook avatar. More so, these steps consist of

  • Hair
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Eye brow
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Ears
  • Body etc.

With all these arts of your avatar creation you can easily craft out a person that looks very much like you. More so, Facebook is still working to bring to its users more develop means to scan in real image and a realistic avatar for VR.

Facebook has some very nice face customization in regards to creating your own avatar. Therefore, this do helps users to get a more look alike skin color and face shape. Most of the option to customize your avatar is not even available to Apple like the dark brown hair style. In some other ways Facebook gives users the option of a jaunty beret which is in many colors.

Create and Customize Your Facebook Avatar

Therefore, if you want to create your own Facebook avatar go straight to your mobile phone and access your Facebook account.  Better still click on the Facebook URL

  • Click on the three straight lines just like a horizontal line to continue.
  • just scroll down and click on the See More caption.
  • Then click on Avatar.
  • Next the page come on for you to start customizing your avatar photo.
  • When you are through creating the avatar, you will then need to tap the Next caption and click on done.

Facebook and Bitmoji Avatar

The Facebook and Bitmoji avatar are similar due to the fact that its all about creating a cartoonist character that looks very much like you. Therefore, one amazing thing about Bitmoji Like Facebook Avatar 2020 that I like is its smiley.

More so, you can choose to wear a bee costume and you can as well choose to wear blue lipstick. Furthermore, I do see it as being more attractive and makes your Facebook avatar photo looks creative as well.  So you can try out and create the new Facebook Bitmoji-like avatar for yourself.

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