We Are Humans First Before Religion


Religion and who we worship is a choice but Humanity First is what will give us a peaceful world.
Here’s another Hero who understand the tenets of religion and is never blinded by it.

Yesterday, the 83-year-old Nigerian Imam Abubakar Abdullahi was among four other nationals (from Sudan, Brazil, Iraq and Cyprus) that received the first-ever International Religious Freedom Award of the United States Government. He is the Imam of Nghar village who hid 262 Berom Christians in his mosque and in his house in June last year when herdsmen launched a bloody attack on 10 villages in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State. I believe that we need to amplify such uplifting stories of men and women who stand in defence of human life, in promotion of religious liberty and in advancing the cause of peace around the world. In a country such as Nigeria where religious difference has the potential of turning deadly, Imam Abubakar is a shining symbol of hope for a better future, where Muslims and Christians will see themselves first as human beings, as brothers and sisters created by the One God.

I watched a story last year on Channels TV of how a Pastor from Southern Kaduna fostered a Muslim boy who lost his parents early and allowed him practice his religion, despite sponsoring him from Primary School to the University. I equally have a best friend who is a Muslim but fostered in a very Strong Christian home. God has given us the freedom to choose. Do not force anyone.
We are humans first, before religion.

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