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“Life is in phases. Where you are now does not determine where you will end. You are looking for 70,000 Naira to pay house rent and somebody brought a suit and said it is 120,000 Naira and you are still ‘pricing’ it! You shouldn’t branch near there at all. There are suits not to ‘price’, there are shoes not to ‘price’. When they are talking about it, look away.

In this same Abuja town, I have picked suit from “Bend Down Boutique” (Nigerian Parlance for fairly used clothes). In this city. Around Area 1 side. In the evening where many people will not know you. Look left and right, bend down and ‘browse’. You don’t need to say “Size what?” Test it! If it doesn’t have trouser, no problem. it is called “Blazer”. I remember one picture where I was joining people in marriage inside that coat; and I recognized the coat and where I bought it from. And nobody would ever know! If I go there now and wear such a suit, you will never know. Is there a way to know? You will even be asking me where I imported it from. It is not what you are wearing but who is wearing it! Don’t kill yourself for what you are wearing. Decide and do all you can to be a correct person; then ANYTHING you wear will be correct!

Don’t let anybody push you to live a life that is not yet your size. Anybody who is in a hurry, let him be going.

There was a time where people were driving jeeps. Nissan Patrol was reigning at that time. At that time I remember we were driving 504 (Peugeot). The question was “What are people doing that we are not doing that is the reason why we are here?” But we maintained our profile. Unknown to us, some of those people got the vehicle on Hire Purchase. At times their creditors will be harassing them. We didn’t know that that was their approach, but we maintained our profile. Today, there is not one person in that realm at that time who is near where we are by any means, because we decided to move at our pace per time.

Everybody entered The Ark of Noah. Even though the Cheetah was the fastest, Tortoise still entered. Don’t let any woman tell you what their husband is buying for them and put your life and your husband under pressure. Don’t let anybody put your life under pressure…”

Learning to Wait

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