Things You Should Not Sell On FB Marketplace in year 2022


Facebook Online Marketing Place is a free stage and one of the best ways individuals and advertisers can make mindfulness for their items to purchase and sell them for benefits for nothing. Facebook highlights make it workable for key promoting to happen. You can post joins, recordings, pictures, and so on which assists individuals with reaching you for your items and administration. Throughout the long term, Facebook has made showcasing considerably simpler with the advancement of the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a recognized stage on Facebook where clients purchase and sell their items and administrations. You can set the Marketplace to be seen by individuals in your catch region so when you have an exchange with somebody, you make certain of connecting with your specialist organization just on the off chance that you need something different or you disapprove of what you bought. You may have been running over the Facebook Market Place without knowing its possibilities.


1. Unlawful, remedy or recreational medications: Posts may not advance the offer of illicit, solution or recreational medications.

Medications: including maryjane and weed items

Medication stuff, including lines and bongs

No special cases.

2. Tobacco items and related gear: Posts may not advance the offer of tobacco items or tobacco stuff.

Cigarettes, stogies and biting tobacco

Tobacco lines and gear

Tobacco moving machines

Hookahs and hookah lounges


Moving papers

Electronic cigarettes

Special case: Apparel including a tobacco brand logo.

3. Hazardous enhancements: Posts may not advance the offer of perilous enhancements, as controlled by Facebook in its sole watchfulness.

Anabolic steroids





Human development hormones

No exemption.

4. Ammo, explosives, and weapons: Posts may not advance the deal or utilization of weapons, ammo or explosives. For example,

Guns and gun parts

Paintball firearms

BB firearms


Pepper shower


Firearm ranges

Firearm shows

Exemption: advancing security preparing or licenses for legitimate weapons are acknowledged.

5. Creatures: Posts may not advance the offer of any creatures, for example,

Live creatures



Any part, pelt or skin from a creature, including hide

Exemption: creature posts that advance the offer of creature confines, items for creatures (toys, collars, and so forth), veterinary administrations, preparing administrations, or boarding administrations.

6. No business aim: Posts may not advance news, humor or other substance that has no aim to purchase or sell items or administrations. For example,

News and mindfulness posts

Jokes and images

Lost and discovered posts

7. Grown-up items or administrations: Posts may not advance the deal or utilization of grown-up items or administrations.

Sex toys

Recordings or live shows for grown-up amusement

Sexual improvement items

Explicitly intriguing administrations (“writings to send her to get her in bed”)

Special case: Products advancing family arranging and contraception, which center around the prophylactic highlights of the item and not on sexual delight or sexual upgrade.

8. Liquor: Posts may not advance the offer of liquor.

Offer of mixed drinks

Units for making liquor

Special case:

Books or DVDs about liquor

Liquor related things, including glasses, coolers and wine bottle holders

9. Medical care items: Posts may not advance certain medical services items and administrations, including clinical gadgets, smoking end items containing nicotine, body parts or liquids, or posts that contain “prior and then afterward” pictures.

Clinical gadgets: Posts may not advance the offer of clinical gadgets.

Contact focal points

Swathes and supports for physical wounds


Testing packs for ailments or ailments

Emergency treatment packs

Exemption: Lifestyle and wellness frill, including watches.

Smoking end items: Posts may not advance the offer of smoking end items containing nicotine.

Nicotine patches

Nicotine gum

Body parts and liquids: Posts may not advance the offer of human body parts or liquids.



Body parts


Human tissue

Exemption: Hair augmentations and hairpieces

Individual wellbeing: Posts must not contain “prior and then afterward” pictures or pictures that contain sudden or impossible outcomes. Posts must not suggest or endeavor to create negative self-discernment so as to advance eating routine, weight reduction or other wellbeing related items.

Individual indicating how baggy their garments are

Individual with garments that are excessively close

A clinical outline or infographic with problem areas or central focuses on the human body

10. Genuine cash betting administrations: Posts may not advance or encourage internet betting, rounds of aptitude or lotteries, including on the web club, sportsbooks, bingo or poker on the off chance that it costs cash.

11. Fake, deceiving, tricky or hostile: Posts may not contain beguiling, bogus, deluding or hostile offers or items.

“Easy money scams”

“Previously, then after the fact” photographs indicating the impacts of weight reduction items, medical procedures, wellbeing items or against wrinkle items

Posts that are stunning, electrifying, ill bred or depict unreasonable viciousness

12. Items with unmistakably sexualized situating: Posts may not situate items or administrations in an explicitly intriguing way.

Zoomed in sexual pictures

Inferred bareness

Inferred sexual acts

Posts with downloadable substance, including PDFs, music, games, films, and so on

Computerized accounts, including Netflix records or games accounts

Advanced memberships and Internet web-based features, including TV, portable, Netflix, Spotify, and so on

Advanced coupons

Special cases:

Bona fide sound or video CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray

Advanced gadgets, including cell phones, computer game consoles, and TVs

Offer of streaming gadgets stacked with programming that encourages unapproved admittance to content

Jailbroken or stacked gadgets

Sticking or descrambling gadgets

Wiretapping gadgets

Special case: Add-on gear for streaming gadgets, for example, consoles and controllers.

15. Genuine, virtual or counterfeit money: Posts may not advance the offer of genuine, virtual or counterfeit cash.

Genuine cash (money or money equal instruments and coins)

Copy or prop cash

Advanced or digital money

Dynamic bank credit or check cards

Store charge cards or coupons

Pre-loaded credit or check cards

Checks or Check books

Gear to make fake money or monetary instruments

16. Outsider encroachment: Posts may not contain content that encroaches upon or disregards the licensed innovation privileges of any outsider, including copyright or brand name. This incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to, the advancement or offer of fakes, for example, merchandise that duplicate the brand (name or logo) or potentially particular highlights of another organization’s items to impersonate a real item.

Fakes, knockoffs or copies of marked products, or posts offering merchandise that are probably going to confound purchasers about the source, sponsorship or alliance of those products.

Unapproved or pilfered duplicates of copyrighted works, for example, recordings, films, TV shows and broadcasts, computer games, CDs or other melodic works, books, and so on

17. Separation: Posts must not illegitimately segregate or propose an inclination possibly in support of individuals due to an individual trademark, included however not restricted to, race, identity, shading, public root, citizenship, religion, age, sex, sexual direction, sex personality, family status, conjugal status, inability, or clinical or hereditary condition. Posts must agree to all pertinent laws denying separation. This incorporates yet isn’t restricted to separation for lodging posts.

“Just searching for Christian leaseholders”

“Must be under age 35 to buy”

“No Hispanic occupants welcome”

Presently you can choose what to sell or not to hazard selling on Facebook commercial center to abstain from getting prohibited.

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