Things Women Needs to Know About Their Vehicle

There are certain things women needs to know about their cars.  As we all know, it is not mandatory that its only the men that need to maintain their cars. If you are a car owner, be you a man or a woman. You need to know certain things about your car to keep it road free. You need to know how you can keep your car running ability smoothly and safely.

Things Women Need to Know About Their Cars

Most women have little knowledge about their cars while some only just know how to turn on the ignition, change the gear level from parking to revise, and then to drive. After which they will hit the clutch and begin with their journey. And still, yet, many women don’t want to learn about the basic and important things to learn about their cars.

This is the reason why they are being considered as an inferior species. If you need to change that mindset then you need to wise up. The only way to change that mindset is to prove to them that you can do whatever men out there can do.

So as a lady if you wish to wise up by knowing more about your car then you need to keep scrolling.

Here are some things that you need to know in order to keep your car in good shape.

Things Women Needs to Know About Their Cars

Below are some certain things Women needs to know about their cars

How To Check Their Tire Pressure

Being able to check the pressure is an important aspect. And here are two main reasons why it is important for you women to be able to check your car’s tire pressure.Things Women Need to Know About Their Cars

Firstly, driving with an underinflated tire is a very risky and dangerous thing the same applies to an over-inflated tire. Which is why it is important to always check your tire pressure.

Secondly, driving with an overinflated or underinflated tire can cost you money as it will wear off quickly which will leave you with no other choice than to get them replaced sooner than supposed.

You will find the tire pressure levels recommended for your car tires(front and back) on the door at the driver’s side.

Your car tire pressure can be checked with either a small tire pressure gauge that you can easily keep in your car. Or you can head to a gas station as they have local air pumps and use it to check the gauge.

How To Insert Air In To Your Tires

It is best to fill your car tires with air when you know that it is running out of the air as fast as possible. You will need to purchase an air compressor or head to the nearest local air pump(gas station) to fill the tires with the appropriate amount of air.Things Women Need to Know About Their Cars

You need to be wary when it comes to your car’s tires in case of the leak as they are very crucial. Whenever your car temperature drops, you need to check the pressure of your tire. As the pressure drops whenever the temperature drops. You can get on on amazon via

How To Get Your Tire Changed

Although this might seem like a manly job. But every woman who drives a car needs to know how to do it as a case like it is possible to arise.

Especially if you are the type of woman that is always behind the wheels. It is a very important thing to learn as it will surely come to your rescue when you are being entangled with a tire puncture.

How To On Your Hazard Light

This might seem silly to you, but I think it is among the most important things to learn. As it has to do with your safety when you are riding on the road. This is what draws attention to your car when you think your car is sick upstairs. This is in order to warn the other upcoming vehicles.Hazard Light

All cars have a button that you can use to turn on your hazard lights. If you are finding it difficult seeking yours then, check your car’s manual. In a situation where your hazard is bad, you can buy on on Amazon.

How To Replenish Your Washer Fluid

Most ladies won’t like to do this as it is somehow dangerous.Things Women Need to Know About Their Cars

But trust me when I say that you really need to know how to get your washer fluid refilled. It is just as important as knowing how to change your engine oil.

You Need To How To Check Your Oil

You need to know how to check your engine oil especially if you are the one in charge of your car.Check Your Car Engine Oil

Then there are the following reasons why you will need to get your oil checked:
Firstly, in order to know if its time to get it changed or if your engine has some kind of issue. and
Secondly, if your oil is low, which will require you to refill it. For some cars, the first dot is the low line, while the second dot is the full line.

Make sure you are always on the lookout for wet spots or liquid drops underneath your car if your oil is always low in order to confirm if its not a leakage.

Meaning Of Danger Signs

Being familiar with different danger sounds and lights means will help in increasing your car’s safety and also aid in your own safety.Things Women Need to Know About Their Cars

Don’t ignore any little issue as it might result in a worst-case scenario. Which can also cost you a lot. So knowing it will help you save a lot of money and also keep your safety intact.

Over Heating Of A Car

In case of overheating, the best thing to do is just to stop the car immediately to keep the engine from seizing. As the engine of a car is extremely costly to repair.Things Women Need to Know About Their CarsIt is very important for you to know the difference between your car’s air conditioner and your car’s actual cooling system.

Windshield Wiper’s Replacement

It is not advisable for you to drive in rainy weather with worn-out windshield wipers as it is not safe. But in cases, your wiper is bad you can get a replacement on amazon Things Women Need to Know About Their CarsIt will be better to replace them immediately in order to avoid poor vision when you are driving in rain.

With this following advice, I believe you should be able to understand your car better as a woman.

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