The Right Key


On my bunch of keys, there are two identical set of keys. While one is for my door at home, the other is for my door at work.

One day, I was so pressed on my way home from work and so I hurried home so I could use the rest room. On getting home, I inserted a key into the keyhole and tried opening the door to no avail.

Due to the fact that I was in a hurry, I began to fidget so badly that I couldn’t even properly remove the key so I could try the second one until a few seconds later after battling with the door and picking the keys from the ground as they fell more than 3 times.

By the time I got to the toilet, I was covered in sweat. Then I began to look at the keys in my hands and ask myself questions.
“why couldn’t the office key open the house key when they looked so much alike and were even gotten from the same place? Why did I keep choosing the wrong key? What can I do to identify the right key in future?”

I was lost in thoughts and then I received an understanding.
1. No key is a wrong key. You’re simply not inserting it into the lock it was created for.
2. Every “wrong key” is a right key to another door.

Many times, people miss it in life trying to insert other people’s key into the doors of their lives.
The fact that your friend married a talkative and they have an happy home doesn’t mean you should automatically try having a talkative spouse. It might not be the “right key” for you.

The fact that your friend is “cashing out” through selling of wig doesn’t mean you too will cashout immediately you start selling wigs. The important thing is to identify what key will work for you before trying it into your luck.

So a few days later, I got a black paint and marked the key of my house. Since then, I’ve not made the mistake of inserting wrong keys anymore.

Don’t be in a haste to try keys because they look like a key that opens other doors. It might not open yours. It might even spoil yours.

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