The Prisoner

When I was young, my elder sisters made me believe that if they hit me on my head with a copy of the Bible, I was going to run mad.
So every time I got them angry, they threatened to hit my head with a copy of my father’s Bible which was very big in size and I got scared.
With tears in my eyes, I’d apologize to them and promised never to do it again.
They continued to threaten me like that until one fateful day on our way back from church.
I said something that angered one of them and she hit me on my head with her Bible.
Immediately, she did that, I paused in great shock. I was so afraid. I expected to get mad immediately but nothing happened. So I said it again and this time, she hit me even harder with the Bible and I didn’t run mad.
It then dawned on me that I have been lied to all along.
Many of us are like the little me.
We have become prisoners to the lies people feed us with.
They say you can’t make it as a lady except you sleep with a man and you believed.
They say you can’t get a good job because you studied a “funny course” and you believed.
Stop being a prisoner to lies. It’s the worst type of prison to be.
Also, you don’t have to lie to command respect or manipulate people to do things for you.
When they know the truth, they won’t be happy with you and whatever you’re trying to achieve will be defeated.
This week and beyond, free yourself from every mental prison you have been kept by seeking to know the truth concerning any situation you find yourself.
We’re older now, when I look back at those times, I can’t help but smile. When you look back to the funny things you believed after you’ve been freed, you too won’t be able to help but laugh at yourself.
Don’t let it stay long. Free yourself immediately.
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