The pot of hot water

A long time ago as a little boy, I wanted to have my bath with hot water and the traditional method then was to heat water on a stove using a pot.
When the water boiled, I proceeded to take it down from the stoves with my bare hands like I see my mother do. Little did I know that I was setting myself up for something hot.
When I lifted the pot from the stove to turn into a bucket, it was so hot and I almost dropped it on the floor. But then, I realized that if I dropped it on the floor, the hot water will splash on my legs and the pain may be worse than the one I was experiencing as I held the pot in my hands.
I managed to endure until I poured the water into the bucket and even though I developed blisters on my fingers afterwards, I was glad it didn’t pour on my feet.
But I learnt a lesson.
Many times in life, you will get to a point where you MUST choose a pain.
The pain of letting the hot pot burn you or the pain of letting hot water pour on your legs.
You must choose between the pain of studying now or the pain of spilling over and studying later.
You must choose the pain of working hard now in your youths and enjoying later, or the pain of suffering in your old age.
Sadly, most people are choosing the heavier pain because they cannot see beyond the present. Don’t be like that, choose your pain wisely.
Right now as a nation, we’re faced with the pain of staying at home and doing nothing while this pass, or the pain of going out and getting infected with the virus. Sadly, as expected, many will still choose the wrong pain.
This week and beyond, be intentional with the pain you choose, for in the long run, it can change the course of your life.
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