Short story of a Millionaire

what’s the fine piece of advice you can provide a person about life?


By the end of every day, after everybody sits across the eating desk, my father always asks everyone.

What did you learn today?

So, each one has to share something that we have learned today and only then we earn to eat. Not having an answer wasn’t an option.

So, by evening me & my siblings, we all used to ask ‘Did you learn anything? And we used to go and check with our friends, do you guys have to do anything like this, and every day when somebody said No. I used to think they all are privileged children & I’m a cursed child of a bad father.

I lost my father on 30 March 2010, life moved on. Now millions of people are reading my answers on Quora and always ask one question — how you understand life so deeply at this young age. Everything is changed except one thing, still, when I lie down to the bed, I hear my father’s voice: “What did you learn today?”

Short story of a Millionaire.

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