See How to Delete Facebook Account Link

How to Delete Facebook Account Link

Delete Facebook Account Link – Facebook, unarguably, is currently one of the social media sites that is being used very often by people of different tribes, continents, races, and languages.


Its level of usage is so much that its numerous users find themselves stuck on the website for hours. This website does not only connect people but it also evokes emotions from people who would never be found evoking such emotions and feelings if they meet each other personally.

Thus people want to either avoid using social media or want to get rid of the site. And hence we want to help you to delete Facebook account permanently.

Facebook being a big website doesn’t want to lose its users, hence how to delete a Facebook account permanently remains has not been publicized much. Though the option of deactivating the account is available, the deletion option is not given. When I found myself getting addicted to Facebook and deleting it, it became a problem for me, since the option wasn’t available.

However, if you feel addicted to this social networking site and want to delete Facebook account permanently, we will surely help you out. I have already done enough browsing to help you out with the deletion of the Facebook account.

Steps to delete FB account permanently

Step 1:

This will help you to forget your Facebook account password and it will boost your account deletion even more.

Step 2:

Change your Facebook password

1. Go to settings and privacy
2. Select: – security and login
3. Select: – Change password

Put your new password as generated above in step: 1


Step 3:

Click on the given link

NOTE: – You can get to this link by searching on the ‘Facebook help’ page. all you have to search is ‘how to delete the account permanently’. Then follow the steps. You might need to click on the ‘Let us know’ link.

Step 4:

Fill up your Facebook password and captcha.

Step 5:

Congratulations, you have successfully applied for your account deletion. Your Facebook account will be deleted only if you do not log in to your account in the next 14 days.

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