Religion and Common sense

There are some topics I’d rather not talk or write about because of the diversity of our minds and differences in comprehension, but today, I’d like to write briefly on a part of religion I find intriguing.
Africa is one of the most religious continents in the world, but at the same time, we are one of the poorest people on earth. An inquisitive mind would want to ask why, but a religious person sees nothing wrong with it.
From my personal findings, I have discovered that the type of religion we practice in this part of the world of the type that frowns against questions and confrontations.
For instance, if my pastor says something that I feel is not right, I’ll be seen as evil if I try to confront him about such an issue.
Another area of religion I find disturbing is when people use riches, success and prosperity as a bait for bringing others into their religion.
I once heard a clergyman say, “when you accept my religion, you will begin to experience success and riches.”
The above statement is not correct.
Success can be gotten outside any religion. We have a good number of atheists who are legitimately successful. So when you are trying to say your own religion is an easy pass to success, you’re a liar.
This is the reason why many new converts are disappointed when they join a particular religion and things get worse instead of better, as promised by the person who preached to them.
While I believe in men of God, I also believe in the God I serve. When a so-called clergyman sees only the bad things that will happen in your life or tells you to kill one member of your family, you should already know that such a person is a fraud.
A lady once confided in me how a prophet insisted on bathing her personally before she could be delivered of “late marriage.”
By the way, what is late marriage? what is the yardstick for early marriage? who set these benchmark?
The religion we practice in Africa encourages the disposal of common sense, which is wrong.
That is why it is easy for them to take a normal happening in your life and turn it into a problem for you, thereby enslaving you and even your generations unborn in most cases.
I could write a whole big book on religion in Africa, but let me leave that for students studying religious studies. It will be a good project topic.
You shall know the truth, and it will make you free.
If your religion puts you in any form of bondage, there’s a high probability you’re being misled.
There’s religion and there is spirituality. One enslaves you, the other liberates you. Choose wisely.
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