New Chrome Features to Expect in Google 2021 Core Updates

New Chrome Features to Expect in Google 2021 Core Updates

Google recently announced plans to release its Google 2021 core updates. The core updates are a yearly affair through which Google announces fixes to its platform and features that will improve user experience.

Google Chrome is a widely used browser that is getting increasingly popular because of the cool features that are added to it regularly. Examining the commits from Chromium Gerrit, there are updates that may be coming to Chrome sooner than we thought. Below is a list of the expected updates.

1 You may soon be able to copy images directly from Chrome

From pages opened in Chrome, users will be able to copy images directly to the android clipboard without having to click the share button. This feature will be added in the context menu of the browser and enable users to long-press images and copy immediately to the android clipboard.

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This feature will make it easier for users who use the search engine on their phones. By reducing the number of taps required, the stress on fingers and time needed for sharing images will be reduced for Chrome users.

2 Chrome will start asking you to close ‘stale’ tabs

Google 2020 core updates will add a new feature to Chrome called “Suggest to close Tabs”. According to a report, Chrome will note exactly when a tab is opened and stipulate for how long it should stay open. After the stipulated time the tabs will become ‘stale’.

Before the tab becomes stale, Chrome will send notifications to prompt users to close it. It is however not yet clear what will become of an opened tab once it has crossed the ‘stale’ timeline.

3 Chrome will consume less of your battery

Microsoft has long since promoted edge based on its battery performance. According to a Google engineer, Google 2020 core updates may be adapting the same tricks that will help Chrome to consume less battery while it is running.


This will mean that Chrome will stop caching to disk and will cache to RAM instead, this will keep the disc idle for longer as well as save battery life. Also, Chrome will now check if your device is plugged or running on battery and adapt accordingly.

4 Voice search in Chrome will be replaced with Assistant

Observations from Google’s development team show that the voice search feature in the Chrome search field will now be linked to Google Assistant.

This implies that when a user clicks on the voice search option, Google’s assistant interface will pop up and prompt the user to speak. This feature is not fully developed yet and will be released in September 2020, according to Google.

5 Google search now displays icons on result pages

Google has released an update that now adds the favicon of sites to their brief meta-information on results pages. The icons of the site are displayed with the URL on the top line.

Favicon samples
Favicon samples

“With this new design, a website’s branding can be front and center, helping you better understand where the information is coming from and what pages have what you’re looking for.”


The update of the site favicon has already been rolled out to desktop and may get to mobile as well.

From tab notifications to icons, those are the list of updates to be expected from Google this year.

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