At the end of the year 2019, I was awarded the best employee of the year by my organization.

This to me, was a great motivation to build on the foundation I already laid to excel in my personal life, career and help any organization I find myself accomplish its goals and objectives. I have seen myself become the best in few organizations I have worked with/for, but that has never given me any reason to be complacent rather, it has inspired me to keep being intentional and remain consistent in my growth. My philosophy in life which has helped me grow over time is predicated on 3 solid believes:
1. You do not need to be the manager to be a leader.
2. How far and fast you can go largely depends on how fast you can learn to become dependable by consistently growing.
3. Avoid eye service. True character lies in what you do when no one watches and in reality, even the wall sees.

As we battle to survive the tough year and excel in our daily lives, I hope you also abide by these and other principles to grow and keep growing. What are you doing to be the best version of you? Arise and Shine.
Social media, Social Interaction and the pride of many.
The summary of social media is for social interaction through information, idea sharing etc. Do you also know the meaning of a FRIEND?
Why will you accept or send a friend request to someone you can’t chat with, wish them happy birthday even by just liking the birthday post, happy graduation, business, child birth, buying properties and even sharing an insightful post? The only thing many people wants to comment on is OBITUARY with just 3 letters -RIP.

Then, there are these category of people that are so big that even you that keeps commenting on their posts, they will reply to, and thank other so-called “BIG PEOPLE” that commented but won’t even LOVE your comment not to talk of replying because, your father or village does not have an address. 99% of the time, I comment and like posts of my friends on this space no matter how high or low they are. I also made it a duty to reply those that comments on my posts to show my appreciation. Don’t be too proud my brothers and sisters. Some of the people you’re avoiding to like or comment on their posts not to talk of replying their comments on your own posts can have a change of story in a second. Value people, respect people and appreciate people. Anyone that you think their Posts, celebrations, pictures etc does not deserve your like or comment does not deserve to be on your list. I remove them all the time because apart from my family members and few mentors and instructors on this space, no body I can’t remove. Do you know that your like, comment or chat can positively affect and influence someone? Just be nice. Nothing about them that inspire you? Remove them. Thank you

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