How To Change Gears in a Manual car Smoothly

A lot of people are still unfamiliar with how to properly change gears in a car with manual transmission. Changing automatic gear is much easier compared to manual gear. For a beginner, it is always a frequent occasion of grabbing the wrong gear, or missing gear. So I will put you through the things that you need to know when it comes to handling a manual gear.

How To Change Gears In A Manual Car

Tips and Morals to follow when changing gear in a manual Car

Holding The Gear Selector

Most drivers don’t know how to properly put their hands when trying to change the gear. Placing your hand on top of the gear selector and stirring the pot is a technique that will aid in missing gears. It will surely result in many missed gear changes. Similarly, changing gears with only a single or double finger just doesn’t cut it as good driving.
In many cars, a driver might mistakenly select reverse instead of fourth gear sometimes when down-changing from fifth gear.

This is why it is a good thing that some cars won’t allow reverse to be selected without returning to neutral first.
Drivers should cup their hands when changing gears so that the gear will direct to its normal position. This is a better technique for changing gears.

Hand Direction

When up-changing from Neutral, you need to turn your left hand over, gently cup the gear knob and then smoothly push across and up to select first. To change to the second gear with your hand turned over, you will need to cup the gear knob. While using your fingers to push down. And to change again to the up.

your right-hand needs to be kept way up and cup the gear knob smoothly and gently push to the third using your palm.

To select the fourth gear cup your hand around and then use your fingers to direct them from behind. Just as you pull down. If you want to go from the fourth to the fifth, use the technique stated for changing from second to third.
This method is smooth and reliable to use when changing manual gear.

Ways That You Can Drive Smoothly With A Manual Transmission

You have been put through on how to properly change gear in a manual transmission. You will now know how to drive smoothly with a manual gear selector.

1. Rest your foot on the clutch at all times

The pedal at the left-hand side is your clutch and it is what allows you to transition between gears. You need to know how to use the clutch when changing gears. As it will aid in smoothly operating the manual transmission.To ensure that you can engage the clutch when you need to, without applying pressure keep your left foot on it.
There are three pedals where the leg is placed. The pedal on the right is the accelerator, the pedal on the left is the clutch, while the pedal at the center is the brake.

2. To put the Engine in Neutral, Press the Clutch to The floor

The neutral gear is the stage where no gear is engaged. In order for you to find a transition between gears, the vehicle’s engine should be in neutral. And it is a must. To put the engine in the neutral gear, smoothly push the pedal to the floor.
Be wary to avoid pressing the clutch to the floor after you try to move the gear shift as it could stall the engine and result in the vehicle jolting and shaking.
If you stomp on the clutch, there is a possibility that you will damage the pedal.

3. Slowly Release the Clutch When Using The Gear To Shift To Transition

When the time comes for you to change gears, put the engine in the neutral gear while pressing the clutch to the floor. And then slowly release the clutch just as you shift the gear selector into another gear.

To master these tips, practice shifting gears in a wide place for example an empty parking lot, or a quiet and free road. If you stomp on the clutch, there is a possibility that you will damage the pedal.

4. Once the Gear Is Engaged, Let the Clutch all the way up

When you are done positioning the gear shift to the gear you wanted to transition to, the disengage the clutch by releasing your left foot. Keep your left foot pressed gently against the clutch to make it easier for you to engage when you want to change gears again.

Don’t put too much pressure( resting your full weight) of your foot on the clutch. As you could engage it accidentally when you stop the engine and the engine will be put in neutral gear.

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