Horror Movies Where Everybody Dies 


Horror Movies Where Everybody Dies 

Horror movies are simple enough in their ideas. The whole point is that something horrible happens and characters get killed, often in ridiculously gruesome ways. The only thing the characters have to look forward to is either dying or watching all your friends die while you struggle to make it out alive by some miracle. However, not all horror movies are created equal. There are a few that decided that the horror movie trope is way too predictable, and doubled down on horror. So if you don’t mind spoilers and want to find out about some cool horror movies, here are the horror movies where everybody dies. That’s right absolutely no one survives at the end.

1. Cabin In The Wood

This horror movie is simply superior to all other horror movies because it recognizes the usual trope and the usual group of characters and at first mocks it, then goes along with it, and eventually just swerves so hard out of left field you’ll get whiplash. Let’s just say death by murderous unicorns is hands down the most creative thing we’ve ever seen. And oh my god the cast here is just utter perfection. Oh and obviously no one survives. Like, legitimately, absolutely no one, not a soul.

Cabin In The Woods | 8 Horror Movies Where Everybody Dies | Zestradar

2. Hereditory

This is probably the most disturbing horror movie in terms of all the manipulation that happens within it. It starts with a woman losing her mother, then her kids die in a freak accident, that’s already enough traumatic events, but as this is a horror movie it just keeps going. Her husband starts acting weird, there’s a cult secret and in the end, her whole family dies.

Hereditory | 8 Horror Movies Where Everybody Dies | Zestradar

3. Dawn Of The Dead

Those of you who love zombie movies will be happy to see this on the list, and if you haven’t seen it yet you definitely should. It’s a classic zombie movie, everyone’s a zombie, a few survivors have made a mall into their safe place, but of course, there are people who hide the fact they were bitten, and just in general there’s a lot of conflicts when you spend a lot of your time confined in the same place with the same people. So they form a plan to go live on an island. The road there is super hard, and in the end, what they hoped would be a deserted island paradise turns out to be a horror of hungry zombies.

Dawn Of The Dead | 8 Horror Movies Where Everybody Dies | Zestradar

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