Facebook New Avatar 2021: Facebook Avatar Update


Facebook New Avatar 2020: Facebook Avatar Update


If you’ve felt a little overwhelmed and your timeline is full of nothing but Facebook avatars, then you might relate to this post.

It can be a little annoying and there seems to be no way to filter out the avatars.

They’re literally everywhere on Facebook.

They’re even more popular than COVID-19 or murder hornet stories right now.

It’s the distraction we’ve all been waiting for.

But maybe everyone’s making avatars because no one has been able to get their hair cut or colored for a long time.

This might also be a good time to stock up on “I survived Facebook avatar”-themed items.

Or maybe just a good time to share this photo:

You could share the photo ironically if you shared it with your avatar:

The poses offered do seem to have a Facebook vs. LinkedIn kind of theme.

Meanwhile, some people are noticing that some of these avatars look nothing like their owners. Some of these mistakes are really cute.

And then there’s the rumor that Facebook avatars could gain sentience one day…

You’ll also find quite a few Avatar movie-themed jokes among all the memes.

While others just try to make themselves look like Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

Sometimes the avatars are just a comedy of errors. For example, what do you do if you have one of those two-person Facebook couple accounts?

Or what if you and your relatives create identical avatars by accident?

Meanwhile, others are just bothered by choosing the same outfits.

If you don’t have an avatar yet, you can still make one.

To get the official Facebook avatar, you’ll need to tap the three horizontal lines on the bottom right corner of your screen if you’re using the Facebook mobile app. This will bring up the Menu page.  Scroll down the Menu page until you see “See More” and then click the down arrow. This is where you’ll see the “Avatars” option. Click “Avatars.” Then follow all the step-by-step instructions!

You can also go to Messenger, open your last message, and click on a smiley face in the comment bar. When it opens Stickers, try clicking on a purple smiley face or “angry bird” looking icon near the bottom left. Note that some people are reporting they don’t have as many customization options when they create their avatar this way, such as they don’t see an option to put freckles on their avatar.

If the avatar option isn’t showing up for you yet, you might have to wait for the option to be rolled out on your app. Remember: you can only make an avatar on a Facebook mobile app on your phone. Tablets don’t typically work and computers can’t make avatars at all right now.

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