Facebook makes Facebook and Instagram shopping simpler.


Facebook makes Facebook and Instagram shopping simpler.

Struggling and closing are your favorite stores. For them to survive and you to shop in them without the stress of actually visiting a physical store, Facebook Shops could be a low-cost route.

Shops with Facebook

Shops on Facebook. To Twitter

First, with Marketplace, Facebook made it easy for us to skip yard sales. Today, with the launch of Facebook shops, small businesses are tackling shopping, many of which are grappling with the unprecedented economic downturn precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


What it is: Facebook Shops (and its twin Instagram Shop) is a new platform that enables small businesses to view product offerings on their Facebook Business pages and set up storefronts. Consumers are able to visit stores, save items, and even purchase them.


Checking out: Facebook Shops will guide buyers to the seller’s website unless these shops have Facebook’s Checkout service installed, which was launched a year ago on Instagram. If they use Checkout, Facebook normally charges a 5 percent fee per purchase, but Facebook recently waived seller fees until 6/30/2020 due to the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 crisis.


Hey? Need help? Facebook is now integrated with its own chat apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct, to support users.


When am I going to shop? Today, Facebook began rolling out stores, which means that even though it is available on your Facebook app, small businesses will have to set up their stores.


What about Instagram: Under the Explore button, the new shop (notice the dropped “s”) can be found in the @shop account via product collections. Eventually, the store will get its own navigation tab for Instagram.


Bottom line: Some of the cherished little small shops of individuals are now shut down, unable to survive with almost no foot traffic. For some of them, Facebook shops can provide a life preserver. As for consumers, they have to consider whether or not they want to add even more data to the huge pile of personal data from Facebook.

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