The world faced pandemic disease (covid’19) has opened my eyes to the fact that most disappointments are better opportunities for greater appointments. While the number of affected persons keeps increasing daily I decides to carryout a research and come out with findings that could help to predict the future. When I looked at the crawling economy of some countries in the world even before the pandemic I was curious to research on wealth creation by individual as a major factor for national development. This compelled me to read about 10 richest people in the world and their means of wealth creation. The data gathered are as follows:
i. These people are risk takers.
ii. They are employers and independent.
iii. They are entrepreneurs and not civil servants.
iv. They are futuristic and focused.
v. Through them their countries are also part of the richest countries in the world.
vi. They always think of how to be of help to others and not dependents.
vii. They also have academics lapses.
viii. They are resilient and goal-oriented, etc.

After these findings my conclusion and prediction therefore is that, time is coming where the society will be the survival of majorly entrepreneurs. This connotes that all you need to succeed is within you and not in the hands of government. Do you how many that has graduated before you or who wrote first class but not employed. This piece is a wake up call for those eagerly waiting for government for employment to please stand up to responsibility and venture into something meaningful where he/she could earn a living. We are in an era where government is calling on individual for economic sustainability. The bottom line is make sure your hands finds something doing and whatever it’s do it well with all enthusiasm and optimism. If there’s no employment in the polity create one and employ others. Thanks.

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