Dangerous Comfort

Our neighbor was a wealthy man. He was evidently rich. His children had all a child could ever need and more.
Those days when I returned from school, even without taking off my school uniform, I’d run to their house to play video games and sit there till evening when my Parents returned from work.
When my Parents return from work to discover I had not even done my homework or house chores, I got beatings and punishments, but that did not stop me from going to my neighbor’s house on a daily basis.
Angrily, my mother will say to me, “so our neighbor’s child cannot come here right? It is only you that can carry your leg to their house. You don’t know when to return to your own place i guess? Until the day they pursue you.” But that didn’t discourage me.
Until one faithful afternoon.
I returned from school and as usual, I ran to our neighbors house. Lo, and behold, I met their house empty.
I was surprised. I thought I was at the wrong flat. So I went back home and walked back gently to their house and the empty house was still there.
I became confuse. What happened? Where was my neighbor? Many questions ran through my mind as I entered into the empty house.
As I was still pacing about in the house, I overheard two persons talking of the new place our neighbors had moved to. It then dawned on me that they had moved to another house. I began to cry. It hurt me that they could they pack without telling me. To make matters worse, they moved to a new state entirely.
With tears in my eyes, I returned back to our own house. Washed my uniform, did my assignment and other things I was supposed to do, but I was moody the whole day. My mother returned in the evening to meet me at home. She was so surprised.
When I told her that my neighbors had moved out, she nodded affirmatively and said she knew. But she quickly added, “at least now you will have sense and do what you’re suppose to do.”
Just like me, many people are already getting used to a place they don’t belong and it is dangerous because it prevents you from doing what you should, when you should.
I know a couple of persons who think because both of their parents are still alive and working, they don’t need to look for a job even after graduation. That’s becoming too comfortable in a place that’s not yours.
Your parent’s house is not your house.
Your friend’s house is not your house. The fact that they allowed you to stay for a short period while you sort yourself out doesn’t mean you should begin to feel at home. Don’t get too comfortable.
Do the needful.
The fact that you got a job with your secondary school certificate doesn’t mean you should not further your education. Don’t get too comfortable. Go to the higher institution.
The fact that she said yes to your proposal for doesn’t mean you should begin to treat her anyhow. Don’t get too comfortable. She’s not yours…yet.
Just like neighbor left, you’ll wake up one day and realize that your “comfort zone” has become a desert overnight.
May it not be too late to do what is right by then.
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