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The Facebook Marketplace Rules Return Policy makes it easy for you to make a purchase through on-site checkout on Facebook or Instagram or through a commerce thread on Messenger that is only available in Thailand currently.

Qualifications for Purchase Protection – The Facebook Marketplace Rules Return Policy

Before you can be considered eligible for purchase protection, you have to make the following are in place:

  • Be certain that your purchase is eligible as a protected purchase as defined in the Facebook Rules Return Policy
  • Make use of on-site checkout on Facebook or Instagram to complete your payment for the purchase or purchase a product through a commerce thread on Messenger.
  • Contact the seller first to notify them that there is an issue with the purchase.

After you have followed the steps above, Facebook Marketplace will review your claim to decide if you are qualified for the purchase protection or you are not.

When Are Your Purchases Protected

Your purchases are protected on Facebook Marketplace in the following situations:

  • Goods are faulty or quite different from what was ordered.
  • Goods are missing important parts, and this was not told to the buyer.
  • The condition of the item is different than what the seller described
  • The version or edition of the item is not the same as what was displayed for purchase.
  • The item delivered is another item entirely from what was ordered
  • When the seller does not follow their stated Refund Policy.

The following items below will not be covered by the Facebook Marketplace Purchase Protection policies if they are purchased

  • Any products or services which are forbidden by the. Facebook Marketplace Commerce Policies
  • Items that are marked as received
  • Vehicles
  • Properties
  • Financial investments or products
  • Pure metals and gemstones
  • Equity or debt in a business
  • Custom or made-to-order items
  • Services
  • Donations
  • Industrial machinery
  • Perishable items
  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Items that are delivered by making use of an intermediary or freight forwarding service
  • Items where the exchange of the purchased item happens with the buyer and seller seeing one another.
  • Also, items that have been refunded or charged back by the buyer’s bank
  • Damage that happens to items after they have been delivered to the buyer.
  • Items that are purchased through on-site checkout with a purchase price of more than USD 2,000
  • Items which are purchased and put through a commerce thread on Messenger which is presently only available in Thailand) with a purchase price of more than USD 300 (9,300.00 Baht)
  • Tickets
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Disputes & Refunds
  • Contacting the merchant

Filing a claim with Facebook or Instagram

When you are making use of an on-site checkout and a seller has not given you a response yet or sorted out your issue after two working days, you can make submission of a claim for review on the third working day.

Also, when you are making use of commerce threads on Messenger and the seller has not given you a response or procured a solution to your issue after one day, you can submit a claim after two days (48 hours).

Finally, when you file a claim, reply to the questions asked and add information as regards your issue within the form. Your claim will be reviewed. This includes the conversation between you and the seller along with documentation from both parties and a response will be given within 48 hours.

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