Which 10 things we must in no way do?

Which 10 things we must in no way do?

or you will regret it!!!!!!

1. Never overdraw your body

Health is the bottom line

2. Never argue with unreasonable people

The result of this argument is not happy, people who understand you do not have to explain, do not understand you, explain is useless.

3. Don’t stop moving any time

No one, nothing is worth your stop.

Trying to run

4. Try not to imitate others

You can learn from the success of others, but never copy and imitate.

Always be yourself and accumulate your advantages.

5. Never force anyone

Whether it is business, friendship, or love, can be met and not asked for.

6. Never believe the pie in the sky

There is no miracle in this world,

The whole night of getting rich won’t get us.

So, step by step, don’t think about shortcuts

7. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence your life

Road, always you are walking.

Shoes, wear on the feet comfortable, only your own most clear.

Other people’s words, reasonable to listen to, but decided to do their own.

8. Never rush to make a decision

Don’t be impulsive before making a decision

9. Don’t always make excuses for yourself

Find the key to solving the problem. Don’t be afraid of failure

10. Don’t mess with bad people

Entangled with rotten people and things will only drag you into the dirt.

Life is short, life should be used in good people and things.

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