What movies are you able to watch all the time and by no means get uninterested in looking?

When it comes to this, there are some movies that come to mind.

These are movies that are incredibly moving and also inspiring, sometimes when i have a bad day I remember them or I even download the soundtrack from these movies and listen to them, here they are:

  1. The Blindside (2009)

    Based on a true story and starring Sandra Bullock.

    The Blindside is a movie that shows that good deeds, no matter how dire the circumstances, or what people would think or say could go a long way or even turn out to be something so better than you’ve ever imagined. A mother goes out of her way to accept a homeless black kid into her home despite what her friends said, she raised him as one of her own, and as they say “God works in mysterious ways”, this homeless kid grows up to be one of the most successful football players. His name is Micheal Oher, here’s a picture of him in real life.

    No matter what happens, just be good to people. You never know what God has in store!

  2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)Starring Will Smith and his biological son this movie shows the struggles of a father and husband to provide. His wife goes on to abandon him. This is also base on the true-life story of stockbroker Chris Gardner. he sleeps in the streets, homeless with his son, looking for a better life and by a daring feat, claws his way to the top.                                                                                                                                                          Here’s a picture of Chris Gardner today. Chris Gardner and his son during the trying days.Chris Gardner and his son todayChris Gardner and Will

    This is a beautiful story of faith and never giving up.

    No matter what happens, no matter how the tides turn against you, no matter how dire. Just Keep Pushing on!!

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