How can i teach my brain to stay targeted?

Things to avoid to stay focused:

  • Masturbating …. (It’s wrong to do it too much)
  • Seeing PORN.
  • Checking notifications from social networks every 10 minutes.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Always think about revenge.
  • Stalking your ex.
  • Thinking about the past.
  • Watching TV for a long time.
  • Waking up at 8 a.m.
  • Sleeping at 2 a.m.
  • Visiting brothels.
  • Being too emotional.
  • Skipping meals.
  • Avoiding EXERCISE.
  • Gossiping.

    The best way to stay focused:

    1. Finish what you start

    Starting and stopping wastes most of the time, and can result in loose-end problems. Get in the habit of always finishing what you start, whether it’s cleaning your inbox or writing a project proposal.

    This is probably the hardest habit to break, but the most worthwhile. Our technology-based world of work means that we have become used to responding immediately to every notification. Get comfortable with ignoring things while concentrating.                                                                                                                                                  2. Establish a daily priority list

Limit your daily to-do list to two or three projects or tasks that you need to finish. This not only helps curb the temptation to switch tasks, but it also prevents you from being overwhelmed by a long to-do list.

Wondering what to do with the overabundance of little things on your to-do list? Put quick tasks on a batch list and schedule a work block on your calendar to complete them.

3. Turn off distractions

Silence all the flashing beeps, bells, and reminders that will tempt you away from your only task. Designate specific times of the day when you will check-in and respond to email and voicemail, and let people know when they can expect to hear from you.

Turning off distractions also means eliminating those piles of papers that litter your desk, cleaning your computer desk, and turning off anything else that draws your attention from the task at hand.

Try implementing these steps yourself to see if you can do more, and share the tips with your team. If you are like many small business owners, you have surrounded yourself with other people who may wear more than a few hats. But it can be a more productive team if each member tries to wear only one hat at a time.


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