10 Of The Craziest Guinness world records people Have performed

10 Of The Craziest Guinness World Records People Have Achieved

Discover some of the craziest Guinness World Records that people hold. You won`t believe the lengths some folk go to become noticed.

1. Record For Most Big Macs Eaten In A Lifetime

Meet Donald Gorske, he currently holds the world record for consuming the most McDonald Big Macs in one’s lifetime. He is proud to have eaten more than 29,000 Big Macs. He claims that these fast food burgers make up 90% of his daily food intake.

2. Record For Stretchiest Skin

Garry Turner was able to win this record because he has a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that always him to stretch his skin further than most people. Garry`s record was achieved when he stretched the skin of his stomach to a crazy 6.25 inches. Reed Richards eat your heart out!

3. Record For Most Piercings

Meet Elaine Davidson she won the world record for having a total of 4,225 piercings. Can you imagine the pain she has gone through for all those holes pierced in her body?

4. Record For Holding Up A Table By Your Teeth And Running

Georges Christen is the current holder for this bizarre record. He managed to run thirty-eight feet and eight inches while carrying a 26-pound table by his teeth. But that`s not all, there was also a 110-pound woman sitting on it!

If you think that is impressive then you`ll be even more amazed to learn that George holds 23 Guinness World Records. He owns the title for being the fastest person to inflate a hot water bottle using just lung power. He also holds the record for tearing up phonebooks, train-towing, and plane-pulling.

What a guy!!

5. Record For Passing The Longest Metal Coil Through The Nose And Out Of The Mouth

Andre Stanton is a show performer in Las Vegas and his specialty is passing metal coils through his nose and out of his mouth. He broke the world record when he passed eleven feet of coil through his nose and mouth.

6. Record For Longest Fingernails On A Woman

American woman Lee Redmond managed to grow her fingernails to a crazy 2 feet and 11 inches long. It took her thirty years to grow her nails to this length.

7. Record For Growing Longest Moustache

Ram Singh Chauhan is the current record holder for having the longest mustache in the world. It is measured at fourteen feet long.

8. Record For Having The Largest Collection Of Garden Gnomes

Ann Atkin has been collecting garden gnomes and pixies all her life and has built up a grand collection of 2,042 gnomes and pixies making her the biggest collector in the world.

9. Record For Having The Largest Collection Of Star Wars Memorabilia In The Galaxy

Steve Sansweet has an estimated 300,000 Star Wars memorabilia items in his collection but he has put it to good use by opening up a Star Wars museum with his horde.

10. Record For Most Hairiest Family

Meet Victor Gomez, Gabriel Gomez, Luisa Aceves, and Jesus Aceves. Together they hold the record for being the hairiest family in the world.

Bonus Record – Longest Tongue on a Dog

This little pooch is called Puggy and she has the longest tongue ever seen on a dog. It`s a crazy 4.5 inch long.

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