Ways to create a Facebook avatar? How to make Facebook avatar on Android and iOS

Ways to create a Facebook avatar? How to make Facebook avatar on Android and iOS

Facebook has recently launched their avatars which you can use in Messenger, Facebook comments, and stories. Cartoon avatar maker has a variety of options to choose from to meet even the most demanding user needs. This new Facebook update will complement the older way of expressing emotions via emoji smiley faces and lift it to the new level.

Since a lot of people are confused about the avatar making process, below you will find all the necessary steps you have to take to create Facebook avatar.

Step 1) Launch Facebook application on your Android or iOS mobile device. Look for three horizontal lines on the right side of the screen, either on top or bottom, depending on if you use iOS or Android. Click, to proceed.

Step 2) Scroll all the way down and choose “See More.”

Step 3) Finally, you will see this well-hidden Facebook avatar maker feature called – “Avatars”. Tap to proceed.

Important! Make sure your Facebook app is up to date. This feature is not available to everyone yet. If you can’t find this link, it means Facebook hasn’t added it to your account yet. Please be patient. It will be added in the near future for all of us.

Step 4) You will be taken to the first step of the avatar creating process. It all starts with skin tone. Let’s choose it and tap “Next”.

Step 5) The main avatar making process has started. You are able to select: different styles and colors of your hair, also beard, if you are a man, makeup for a woman avatar, face and body shape, many face detail options, clothing, etc. Make avatar as closely looking like you as possible. Once finished all the avatar creator steps, you should tap the checkmark located in the top right corner.

Step 6) You can see your ready-to-use avatar, which later can also be used as a profile picture. Tap “Next”.

Step 7) Tap “Done.”

Use avatar in comments

Congratulations! You have successfully created your own Facebook avatar.

From here, you have three options: arrow on the top right of the screen allows you to share your newly created avatar or set it as a profile picture, sticker icon shows you a full list of available avatars and the pencil allows you to make changes to your avatar, so you don’t have to start over again.

You can see stickers available in the picture below.

All avatars should be available to use on all Android, iOS devices, PC and Mac devices, where you use your Facebook account.

Facebook stickers

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