Do You Know Your Facebook and WhatsApp Can Be linked, so now you can share your new avatar as a sticker in your conversations

Yes, you can share your Facebook avatar as a WhatsApp sticker

Facebook and WhatsApp are linked, so now you can share your new avatar as a sticker in your conversations.

How to use Facebook avatar on WhatsApp

The custom avatar of Facebook They have become the latest trend on social media. Surely you and all your friends have already created theirs, trying to be as similar as possible to them. But, Did you know that you can use this same avatar as a sticker on WhatsApp?

Thanks to Facebook having other platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram; it is possible that these social networks are linked and can share functions as happened with Messenger Rooms, to make video calls with up to 50 people. The same is true for the new avatar.

Here we share the step by step of how to do it so that you can make the most of your new animated version of Facebook; taking advantage of that with your Friend Kit you have unlimited social networks and the best connectivity to

How to use a Facebook avatar on WhatsApp?

First of all, you must design your Facebook avatar; once done you have to:

1. Go to the menu Setting from Facebook, which is in the upper right, on the three horizontal lines.

"How2. Select the option“Avatar” and when you enter you will find all the sticker options that were created when you designed your avatar. There you select the one you want to use in WhatsApp.


3. Once the sticker is selected, a pop-up window will appear, you should go to “More options” where the WhatsApp icon will appear.

"How 4. Being in WhatsApp, the option to share it automatically in the States or in any conversation will appear.


How to create your Facebook avatar?

In order to use your avatar both on Facebook and WhatsApp, you first need to design it; which is the most simple and fun, since you can choose from skin color, accessories, eye size, type of clothing, among many more options to make it identical to you.

1. Open Facebook from the mobile application of your cell phone.

2. Go to the menu “More options”, located on the upper right side, in the icon of the three horizontal lines.

3. Now scroll down and select the option “Avatar”

4. Once there, all you have to do is choose your facial and physical features to make your avatar more like you.

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