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When it comes to FaceTime, seeking alternatives to complement it is hard. FaceTime helps you to have a chat with someone, anytime, face to face. You can do them all with FaceTime, whether you want to host a private call or a conference. And the high-quality experience of video calling makes you believe like the person is right in front of you.

Since its launch in 2011, it has been a reliable choice to choose from, with its smooth interface and high definition video calls being the pillars of its success. So, the FaceTime app is what you need, whether you’re hosting a community meeting or a personal call. However, even FaceTime comes with a number of drawbacks, considering its many advantages. The main one is that it is only possible to use the software on iOS and Mac. So, you can’t host a call via FaceTime unless both of the callers have an Apple product. In which case, you could switch to the FaceTime alternatives below.


Best Alternatives for FaceTime.

Google Duo

Price- Free

The nearest rival to FaceTime is the Google Pair. To fit its high-resolution video quality, it goes toe to toe with the Apple app. The app was launched in 2016 and, since then, its success has seen a meteoric rise. There are many explanations for why that happens. One of the best points of the app is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You are also able to host video calls across platforms; a phone number is all you need. It’s quick to set up the app too, just log in with your Google account. In addition, it comes with some nifty features, such as the ability to take a screenshot and Knock Knock. Google Duo is a video calling tool that is effective, free, and comfortable to use.


Price- Free/Varies

Skype is the most recognizable name when it comes to video calls. Since 2003, the app has been around and was until recently a staple video calling app. It has stuck on since then, and has managed to develop itself. Skype is a cross-platform video calling technology, unlike FaceTime. It is easy to use, stable, and has a smooth interface at all times. It is a great app for hosting private or technical discussions and is laden with features. Skype allows you to have HD video call sessions with up to 10 people. During the call, you can connect with them by messaging and can record it. Also, during calls, get the option to share your screen and toggle on captions. And make a call to mobiles or landlines from anywhere in the globe at only a minor cost.


Facebook Messenger

Price- Free

One of the best alternatives to FaceTime is Facebook Messenger. The primary explanation for its success is that it is a fun app to have. Via this app, you can video call your friends, relatives, and everyone else on your friend list. The sheer number of interactive filters you can add during calls is what makes it more interesting. It’s a fantastic personal calls site. Yet Messenger is capable of doing so much more than that. Through the app, you can talk, share photos, and videos. Share your GPS position easily through the app or enjoy the games that this app has to offer online. You can send stickers, have business discussions, or send cash. There is very little that this app can’t deal with. The Facebook Messenger app operates on all platforms as well. But now, whether you’re using Android or iOS or Windows, it won’t matter. Connect at any time with others.




Indeed, Whatsapp does not need a new introduction. It is one of the world’s most downloaded games. The app, of course, is mainly recognised internationally for its messaging services. But with it, you can do so much more. With voice and video calls being the app’s other draw. Via HD video calling, you can communicate anywhere with your contact. And you can do that free of charge altogether. Both your chats and calls are encrypted, which is assuring to remember. In addition, the app is a community in itself; you can communicate with people you know about it: document sharing, voice files, GIFS GPS location. In itself, Whatsapp is a planet.

Jio Meet

Price- Free

Jio Meet is the block’s new boy. The app was recently launched to rival the other popular applications for video calling. Nevertheless, do not let their relative youth fool you. One of the most reliable applications for hosting your calls has rapidly become the app. The app is fine without inconveniences for holding meetings. This allows up to 100 participants for a span of up to 24 hours to participate in a call. When holding online classes or meetings, that is great news. Jio Meet has a smooth interface and makes it easy to make video calls. It has helpful features such as Safe Driving Mode, allowing you to take part in calls even while driving. When holding a meeting, you might also arrange calls in advance. And its end-to-end encryption means that your protection is not compromised either.



Price- Free/ in-app purchases.

Right now, there are numerous alternatives to FaceTime available. And JustTalk is one that best suits your bill. The app is easy to find on the Play Store and App Store. Why will you have the app downloaded? Because this app allows you to communicate with your family or friends through HD video quality. And why restrict yourself to only one call at a time? JusTalk lets you host calls at the same time with up to 50 participants. By exchanging doodles, stickers, and photos in real-time, you can make your calls even more fun. Videos or calls can be captured and you can use this app’s messaging service. You can explore the software even more by upgrading to the premium edition. Get access to digital stickers, unrestricted video replay, themes, and more.


Price- Free/ in-app purchases

Tango is a convenient video calling program that, with its simplicity, attracts users. It’s an application for cross-platform video calling, but it’s so much more. When having fun, Tango lets you socialize. What are you asking? Tango is a fellowship. Connect with millions of users worldwide with a secure Wifi link. You can exchange pictures with each other or play a multitude of online games. On this website, you can make video calls or voice calls to others. Setting up an account, as well, is easy. What you need is a Facebook account or to sign up for a phone number or email ID. It helps you to quickly make video calls to friends and is suitable for that purpose. It is the Millennials app.



Price- Free

Among the secure alternatives to FaceTime is Viber. Setting up an account in Viber is simple. To get started, all you need is your phone number. The software synchronizes your list of contacts and provides an atmosphere in which you can feel relaxed. And with the app, there is only so much that you can do. HD video quality is guaranteed by Viber. But it helps you, more interestingly, to make international calls as well. So, no matter where you communicate via Viber with your lover and loved ones. Through this app, you can also share messages , photos, and stickers. Viver is a fantastic option to have, whether it’s a group chat or one on one chat.


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